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Ludwig Consult: Your performance network

Ludwig Consult ‘s offices are located in Germany and Luxembourg.
The group’s Auditors, Tax Advisors, Experts Comptables, Accountants and Tax Experts deliver high-quality services tailored to our clients’ requirements in Germany and Luxembourg.

Your advantage: One Stop advisory service

Success by knowledge

There is always a way to meet your requirements. Conditions in order to realize your project by high-quality services are : Knowledge and Trust.

Knowledge Knowing the facts is essential. Only interconnected knowledge, linking the different areas together and exchanging views within the network will lead to success.

Trust Within developing areas, our team continuously performs trainings and attaches great importance to an exchange of information.
We bring out the best in each other and create strong and successful working relationships within our network.
We respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members.
This approach us to meet our clients’ requirements at the best.